To My Readers…

Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Angela Mayorga, and I have finally gathered the courage to share my stories with the people. As you can well see, I am just another writer trying to find her way in the world.

ANGELSWRITETOO was born on the basis of both a dream and a quote. Like Michelangelo, who “saw the angel in the marble and carved until [he] set him free,” I intend to release the angel within in order to unlock creations destined for the heavens.

I do apologize for the simplicity of my website, but I will more than make up for it by providing content you will enjoy.

I hope that with my words, you will discover a part of yourself you never knew existed. I hope that my words will also offer you comfort on the days that you have nowhere else to turn. But of course, more than anything, I hope you like what I have to say!

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